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In the last 2 hours, I've decided to do two things:

1. Sign up for the One Room Challenge

2. Start this blog

I am uncertain of my ability [desire] to maintain a blog but my Instagram posts have started to get a bit wordy, so moving forward, I'll post the spillage here. On occasion I do other semi-interesting things and I guess, if the motivation strikes, that stuff will go here too. My challenge has always been intentionally documenting the cool stuff. I have this habit of being present and so many things have gone "unrecorded" because, I be in tha moment! IMO, that's a good problem. I like being immersed in shit. [figuratively speaking]

This newborn blog is unnamed. If you can think of something catchy, I'm open to suggestions. I'm sure there's a comment box somewhere below and that's a good place to put it.


The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual social media/blogging event in which designers, influencers,and other creatives take the challenge, to transform a space in their own home over a six-week period [which is like no time at all] and document their progress from beginning to end. It's not a competition, moreso simultaneous design creativity and peer support! This ingenious concept was created [and trademarked] by Linda Weinstein. Click the #OneRoomChallenge hashtag on Instagram to get six weeks of design inspo and behind -the-scenes look at what it really takes to transform a space.


Last fall I completed my first ORC. I re-did our dining room and it was a grand ole time! I was juggling two other design projects, had my first [week long] trip to High Point Market, and had another 5-day conference to attend for my day job, which I completely forgot about and happened to line up with the final week of the ORC. All those going-on really ate into my time but somehow I finished and submitted right at the deadline! The environment and comradery of the event is so supportive that you really feel that you an do anything in six weeks [or 2.5 if you adjust for my actual available time]!

I recovered a set of original, mid-century, Richbilt Manufacturing Co. chairs and tediously hand-painted a feature wall to mimic wallpaper. I plan to dedicate a full entry to that experience, but for now, here's a pic of the finished space and you can click here for even more.



I'm refreshing our tiny 132 sq foot master bedroom.  This room was way overdue for a makeover as it has not gotten any love in the entire 6 years since I've lived here! I moved into a pre-existing man room and shortly after I got pregnant and then pregnant again, and so the priority had always been the kids' room. I just rolled with it.  The room was pre-equipped with a gigantic flat-screen TV, IKEA night stands, horrendous curtains,questionable lamps, and a poorly dressed queen-sized bed.

I LOATHE THAT ROOM! But also, I made no effort to improve it. I am embarrassed, as a designer to be sleeping in it, but it will make the 'after' so much more refreshing!

Also a bit of self-reflection. In my pre-designer life, I was a very private person, I like to think I still am. But I didn't like people in my bedroom or personal spaces. I always felt that was an intimate space and the thought of sharing parts of my home publicly, is still very unsettling.

I was on the fence for weeks about whether I'd participate at all. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and added a layer of complexity. Financial uncertainty, product availability, and of course the background narrative that shapes all post-Rona decisions, "is this essential?"

Still undecided, I hastily purchased paint the day the Governor Wolf announced stores would be closing in 24 hours.  [Unbeknownst to me that Lowe's and the like are essential]. I cannot entirely remember the blue swatch I selected. I just know I settled on a misty light blue color in about 7 minutes before rushing off to Home Depot. I knew I would at least come out of quarantine with a painted bedroom and I was OK with setting the bar that low.

I finally decided to commit to the One Room Challenge just a few hours before the official start for guest participants bc I know that even with all the time I'm spending at home, I needed this as motivation to get shit done.  

I hate to sound apathetic but I don't have any overly-ambitious projects planned for this space and I'm OK with that. I was gonna do a feature wall, but meh.  I just want a simple space that feels good to wake up in. Also I need to preserve some energy to balance 24 hour parenting of my 5 and 2 year olds, homeschooling, and working my full-time government yeah, I'm taking it easy and leaving space for small edits. Here's my mood board for the direction I'm going.


I just wanted it to be light and airy...I was trying really hard to keep colors to a minimum but all the neutral pieces I wanted to order were sold out all over the darn Internet and so even with my intention of leaning into beige accents and whispering blue walls, I am here. But I LOVE a healthy dose of color, soooo Kanye shrug. 

I love prints and patterns and texture and color and so I'm mixing a bit of all of that in here.

Also I'm striving to keep my budget at or below $500 to finish off the space. I'll keep a detailed account of all the things and will provide you all with a run down when I am finished. But shit adds up pretty quickly. So I'll allow myself the same 15-20% that I advise my clients to set aside...just. in. case. 

It should be noted that I'm absolutely brand spanking new to blogging. This is my first entry, remember I just started this two hours please be patient as I flesh out the deets but thanks for visiting and I hope you check back for weekly updates for the One Room Challenge



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