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People have various reasons to select our services for their home decor projects. Maybe you're too busy; a tad indecisive; or it's " just not your thing".  Regardless of your problem, let Cachet Demaine Interiors be your solution!


In-home or virtual consultation (ideal for clients outside of the Central Pennsylvania area). Expect a video conference or phone call up to two hours to discuss your design goals and project scope. During the consult we will review your client questionnaire, budget, and design style.


Photos and accurate measurements will be taken with in-home consults. Virtual consultation clients shall provide measurements, photos, and/or video of the space to be designed prior to our call. 

Before the consult please:

  - Complete the client questionnaire 

  - Take accurate measurements of each room considered for design (virtual)

  - Send photos and a video walk through of the space(s) to be designed. (virtual)

  - Send any inspiration photos or pics of your current design style

  - Review our tips on how to prepare for your consultation

Residential Design Consultation: $250

Commercial Design Consultation: $470

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Cachet Demaine Interiors will manage your home interior design project from concept to completion. This includes sourcing pieces for your space, furniture assembly, coordinating contractors, budget management, the final installation of the design, and all the tiny steps in between.


No project is too small; whether you want to make over your powder room or do a complete overhaul of your entire home, CDI can help bring your vision to life. If you want to be fully-engaged throughout the entire process or rather be presented with the final results, we'll see to it that the experience is a positive one!  For more details, review the Process to understand the steps from beginning to end. 

The non-refundable retainer of 50% of your total is due upon signing of the contract. Design fees are only for designer services and do not include the cost of contractor labor, furnishings, decor, or any additional costs incurred related to your project.


Service Fee: Custom Proposal


This service is ideal for the tech-savvy client who can confidently implement their custom CDI design at their own pace.


Virtual design is the perfect service for the client who needs a beautiful, custom design and can take it from there. We supply the design, the layout, and the links to all of the decor, and you order and implement the design once it's all delivered. Simple as that!


Whether you are outside of our immediate service area, or are simply seeking a designer to compliment your DIY project, this service delivers professional results with the click  of button.

luxury Virtual design
& hybrid design packages



  • A customized color plan

  • Allotted time for consultation via Zoom, phone, or email

  • Shopping list with links to purchase pieces in proposed design

  • A personalized design board for your space based on your needs and style

  • A 2-dimensional rendering of the space to demonstrate furniture layout

  • Up to one revision based-on client review and feedback 

  • All ordering, budget maintenance, project management, returns, furniture assembly, and labor is the responsibility of the client independent of CDI.

  • Within 6 weeks of our consultation, you will be presented with the above items via email. After you receive your design plan, we will arrange phone or video calls to discuss any questions you have regarding execution or general guidance.


Service Fee: $2,750 [per space]

Bundle three or more rooms for a custom package price.

HYBRID DESIGN: CDI is travel-friendly, for an additional fee, we will come to you to install the design or aid in the completion of your project in any way you see fit. Client is to assume all travel expenses and accommodations.

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