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Getting from 'before' to 'after' is a process and I'm sure you're wondering how it's all done. 

This is our first interaction. We’ll gather your contact information, preliminary project scope, and surface level details about your personal style and how you envision your space. 


You will be asked to complete our client questionnaire before moving on to step 2.


If you do not know exactly what kind of look you want, that’s fine… CDI's holistic consultation will help to clarify your vision!






This is the second, but most significant step in the design process.  I'll come to the project site and conduct a walk-thru.  We’ll discuss your style, colors, functionality of, and essentially how you envision the completed space. Together, we’ll go over your client questionnaire, have an in-depth discussion about your design goals, inspiration, and dislikes.


We'll review your budget and determine a realistic idea of what is achievable. Your space will be photographed and measured.  Set aside one to two hours for our visit.


The consultation is just as much for you as it is for me. Use this time to ask all the questions you need. This time is also useful for you to determine if I am the ideal designer for your needs. Click here, for tips on preparing for the consultation.

This stage is after the consultation and presentation of the design concept or mood board.  We will present you with a categorized budget, calculate and review design fees, and sign the contract.


The contract outlines all the details of how we move forward throughout the design process. You will have a clear idea of what to expect after step 3.  Once we wrap up the fine print…we'll move on to transforming your space!







This is the stage where our initial conversations, ideas, and inspirations are fine-tuned. The design process entails selection of color schemes, furnishings, textiles, décor, and all the subtle details that help to personalize your space.


This is a fluid and evolving process and it may be challenging to imagine how all the pieces will come together.  Keeping an open mind is essential during this time!


This is the final and most rewarding part of the design process.  The installation is usually done in two-steps. First, all contractor services such as painting, tile installation, electric, and plumbing must be completed. 

Next, we ask that you permit us access to your home to work uninterrupted to install the final design including furnishings, window treatments, and all the tiny tweaks. You will return to the final reveal of your transformed space! 




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