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Updated: Jun 30, 2020


Wow! We finally made it to the ORC FINAL REVEAL! The last 8 weeks have literally been one for the history books! We survived a pandemic-induced quarantine, murder hornets, and a global civil rights revolution! All that chaotic energy really made me want to take it easy this go round of the ORC. Oh, and if by chance you are wondering where my week 7 update is, there isn't one. We took the kiddos to the Outer Banks, NC for a family vacay, it was a much needed reprieve from being cooped up in our home for the last few months. So that's where week 7 went.

As per my mantra from week 1, I was intentional about not overdoing, over-thinking, or overspending. My goal was to stay under $500 for this tiny 132 sq ft bedroom refresh (I spent closer to $700).  This room was way overdue for a makeover as it has not gotten any love in the entire 6 years since I've lived here! I moved into a pre-existing man room and shortly after, I got pregnant...and then pregnant again. So the priority had always been the kids' room and I just rolled with it.  The room was pre-equipped with a gigantic flat-screen TV, IKEA night stands, horrendous curtains,questionable lamps, and a poorly dressed queen-sized bed. See the unsightly "before" below...

I really didn't plan out a bunch of projects and just let things flow and given the extended timeline and non-existant budget, that worked out just fine.


Painted the walls and dresser in "Billowy Breeze" by Sherwin Williams. This set the backdrop for a calm and peaceful environment. The dresser was old and raggedy in appearance but still structurally sound and functional. Painting it the same color as the wall, helped it to melt into the ether. I added some gold leaf to accentuate the details. [If I had posted a week 7 update, this dresser would've been it.

I also made a slipcover for the headboard and later decided to make a bedskirt from the same fabric. The bedskirt was not in the original plans but somehow I was able to stitch together some magic from the slip cover remnants. I'm happy with the way it turned out. It really helped to jazz up an otherwise basic, industrial looking steel frame bed. In other seamstress news, I made those tiny little sleeves that add a funky detail to basic tab top curtains. The gauzy material is a whole vibration in here....and while we're talking textiles can we take a moment to appreciate the subtle palm leaf embroidered quilt? I looked high and low for a quilt that was perfect for this space. I actually found this on Aliexpress. 100% cotton, great quality and detail, couldn't be happier with it!

I brought this acrylic frame by Wexel Art last year but put it up until I had a piece that I really wanted to put in it. This art print by Thing Design fit the bill and is such perfection in here! Most of the rooms I design have multiple pieces of art but wall space is limited in here and this print stands well on her own! I used another piece from the same artist in the Bungalow on Shine project and I seriously could go the rest of my career, incorporating her art in my designs! They're all so good!

I did address those dated lamps. The bed is now flanked by these fully adjustable, brass sconces by Lamps Plus, affording us more room on our nightstands. In case you were wondering how to deal with the awkward placement of bed in front of a window that is much smaller than said bed, the solution is to just hang the curtains 'at least' slightly wider than the bed.

I did have a few random accessories laying about. This Pier 1 vase has been around since last summer, it was a clearance find. I just loved the quirky style and knew it would only be a matter of time before it had its moment.

A select few of my brass necklaces are hanging from a branch I found in our backyard about 20 minutes before this pic was taken. I really was taking that whole not overthinking thing to heart. Part of me wishes I had taken the time to plan out the styling just a tad more. If I had realized this branch would be a thing, I would've placed a little woven laundry basket beneath it. But seriously, getting worked up over a photo of a freshly decorated room is the epitome of "first world problems". So moving on...

This room is so small and clutters very easily so I wanted to keep things pretty light in here. I have a TON of jewelry to go through. I brought one of those wall-mounted mirror/jewelry cabinets a while back. Once I install it, I'll start editing my collection. Keeping some, donating others, and saving some cooler pieces for Nuri to enjoy when she's a little older.

Below is my crystal mobile. This has been packed away for four years! It had a previous life in our showroom/sewing studio and finally has come out of retirement and I'm so happy it fits right in!

This antique mirror was a $10 Facebook Marketplace find. I applied gold leafing and it was a wrap! It's quite heavy at nearly three feet of actual mirror and the glass is super clear too, no deterioration which is impressive for its age. It does a fantastic job at pulling the natural light to the far end of the room.

The night stands are end tables from Target. I purchased them last year and just had them in storage until we actually got around to doing our bedroom. At the time that I purchased them, I didn't have a vision for the room. I liked that they were navy blue with brass pulls and would fit into multiple design plans without much issue so they were a safe bet.

Ok, let me expand on one more accessory, that planter! My neighbor had set that old side table frame out for the trash! A can of matte Spanish moss green spray paint and 7 minutes later, I had a planter base. [winning much?] Our local Macy's is going out of business and was selling off their old store fixtures. That huge pot was $20, which is all the money I spent for that planter and so I'm happy with that random project too.

When I started this project my thoughts were "I just want a simple space that feels good to wake up in". So far, every single morning has been pleasant waking up in this room. I can be quite the maximalist at heart but paring back really does make way for the peace I was looking for. Thanks for following along.

There are literally ooodles of projects being wrapped up this week for the One Room Challenge, including the 20 featured designers whose designs are mind-blowing! I'm going to wade through some of the spaces over the weekend and I'll share my faves on IG. Click the ORC image below to check some of the others spaces! There's design eye candy for daaaaaays y'all!

I do want to keep up with blogging. Maybe a once a month kinda thing? I'll check back in soon, until then, be well.


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Brenda Acker
Brenda Acker
Aug 07, 2020

I LOVE this room. Your color choices, the fabrics, the pattern, the artwork,...the branch! Well done. I also like how you spaced your made such a difference. I can see why you love waking up in this room!

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