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Update: I painted the room.

Expanded update [prone to random tangents]:

I could not remember exactly what color blue I picked. In my head it was a light and airy, powdery blue; on the walls, it was a more saturated version of what I thought I purchased two months ago. Turns out it was Billowy Breeze by Sherwin Williams. I usually remember the name of the color I pick, but there is a certain disconnect with selecting paint just hours before your entire state is shutting down due to a pandemic. 3 Stars..not quite recommended, but turned out better than expected.

The kiddos helped at first, of course they we're hype about painting on the walls! While they were good for the first half hour or so, it quickly down-spiraled. A busy toddler, close quarters, and latex paint, is just not a winning combo. 2 Stars. I tried. Quarantine mom is evolving. I managed, in a singular activity to get my work done, whilst keeping the kids entertained. Seems simple, but after eight continuous weeks of being homebound, it's def a challenge.

I painted yesterday and was a little underwhelmed when I started, I think it was clashing with the previous color. I'm not sure but it was really nice waking up to it and that's exactly what I was going for.


  • The scones have arrived, so I plan to install them

  • If the textiles arrive, I may recover the headboard

  • More painting. I need to do the trim and I'm considering a low-key feature wall.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that the challenge has been extended by two weeks. It allows for shipping delays and just the extra time needed while things are influx. I'm really enjoying the more relaxed pace of this season's ORC. See ya next week.


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