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It's week 3 of the One Room Challenge. What is typically the half-way point has just been a bunch of thumb twiddling over here. As a brief recap, below is my To Do list from last week:

  • Install scones

  • Recover the headboard

  • More painting - a feature wall

What I actually did: Hung curtain rods.

Dassss IT!

Lemme explain....


I started to install the sconces but my hubs advised against it as we will be lowering the bed by 4". So although I was confident in the sconce height, he wanted to lay in the bed and do a lean-over-and-turn-the-light-on test in real time. Task postponed, until new bed frame arrives.


My fabric from Etsy arrived on Monday. My plan is just to make a slipcover so that I can wash it and also just go back to the navy blue headboard if I please. But then I fell into a brief state of indecision and was bouncing back and forth between "to tuft or not to tuft". I would need to order padding, and also a button kit and I had these things in my Joanne's and Amazon carts respectively, but decided against it because...I am really committed to "not doing the most" and my budget is tight so it didn't feel worth it to double the cost of the headboard project just for it to be covered by pillows anyway. It took me until last night to come to that decision.

Here is a pic of my headboard as it is, and another with the delicious yellow fabric draped across so that I could get an idea of what it would look like. The yellow is so much more fun!


This is the most disappointed I've been in a while yall. A feature wall was not a part of the original design plan but I wanted to add some texture to the room. Then I remembered, that I had this Tribal Batik wall stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils from a project that never took off. It would've been perfect, except the same man that delayed the sconce installation THREW AWAY A BRAND NEW UNUSED STENCIL! Y'all! It was still in the darn container it was shipped in! I had this stencil for a year and a half and this man threw it out about 2 weeks ago, assuming it was just some old postage box that needed to go in the trash!

I cannot really explain the level of pisstivity that was reached. I just had to go for a solo the local bar. One take-out adult slushie later and I was [mostly] over it. However, I can't just not do a feature wall, but I'm in a serious creative block and coming up with a new design from scratch is hard because I can't get past the stencil, but I don't want to rush the design just to cross it off the list. So I'm just chillin for now. It'll come. I trust it.


I bought these Project 62 curtain rods from Target.

They're a dupe of these Crate&Barrel rods but for about a third of the price. West Elm also makes a version but the finial is longer. I love these rods and have used them in other projects and even have them in my dining room [pictured in the blurry background below] and our living room. It's one of those subtle details that give your home consistency throughout.

I'm not including the cost of the rods in my budget as I've had them for months. I'm only including monies spent since committing to the ORC, but I'll try to do a grand total as well.


  • I'm for sure going to do the headboard

  • No other promises

I still need to find and order bedding. I have some picked out but just meh about it. Bedding is hard asf by the way! It's either way too expensive, or just dumb, also there's like endless options but none that I'm swooning over.

I ordered an art print from Society6 and I just love it so hard! Below is a shot of the colors and textures that are making up our new bedroom.

*Fingers crossed* Next week, I'll have made some significant progress.


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