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The official halfway point of the One Room Challenge is here! Because I'm doing a refresh, I don't have any huge projects that are overwhelming and I'm appreciative of the opportunity to slow walk this process especially while we're still in quarantine. I'm still in shocked about the more time I have at home, the less time I have to do the things.

This week's update will be brief. What I did:

  • Found bedding! - Updated moodboard below

  • Found a replacement accent mirror

  • Made progress on the head slipcover


So I mentioned in a previous post that bedding is really a PITA for me to pick out. There's so many options and they all seemed really expensive or unattractive. I wanted to add texture to the space to give it interest and of course bedding is a great way to add texture to a bedroom. I love quilts but not the traditional old lady kind. I wanted something modern and hip and I found that but the pattern fought against the headboard. I knew I wanted a design that felt organic yet graphic and the palm leaf pattern really fit that criteria to a tee! It took a lot of scouring the corners of the internet to find this specific light weight, cream-colored, palm leaf pattern quilt for a king size bed, that will arrive before the end of the ORC. Finally, I did and now my fingers are crossed for a seamless delivery!


The day I signed up for the ORC, I found an accent mirror and for some reason, I just didn't order it right then and there. Well when I went back to buy it, the price went up SIXTY DARN PERCENT! 60%!!!! It wasn't on sale previously either, that was the regular price. I even tried deleting my cookies [which you should do too] If you've been a repeat visitor to some sites looking at the same items the prices can change. The cookies lets them know you're interested. Clear them out and you may find a lower price waiting for you. That wasn't the case for me tho. Anyway Facebook Marketplace to the rescue. I found this $10 mirror which I covered in gold leaf.


I do plan on sewing this tonight. All the pieces have been cut and later I will include a brief tutorial for making your own headboard slipcover.


  • Still waiting for inspo for my feature wall

  • A lot of stuff is supposed to be arriving in the next week so I'm keeping things pretty fluid

I'll check you guys out next week.


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